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What is The Well?

Jopwell’s digital magazine, The Well, is a collection of career-related stories, perspectives, and advice for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals.

It features guest interviews and contributions from a diverse array of industry leaders, professionals, students, and celebrities. Articles range from detailed profiles and actionable career tips, to perspectives on the state of diversity in the workforce today.

I want to contribute to The Well. How can I pitch a story or get in touch?

We’re eager to hear about the growth and development of your profession and passions. Pitch us at [email protected] with a simple 2-4 sentence explanation of the story you want to tell or person you want to profile.

We gravitate towards compelling personal essays about confronting challenges in the educational and professional worlds, as well as vivid portrayals of impactful, eye-opening moments and people. We also love relatable, actionable work advice and profiles of inspiring leaders at all stages of their careers. Please include links to your previous work when available.

What type of events does Jopwell host?

Jopwell hosts a variety of events for its community, such as headshot tours , writing contests, networking nights, panel discussions, and webinars. To inquire further about events please contact us at [email protected].

How can I find out about upcoming Jopwell events?

Only Jopwell members have access to Jopwell events, so click here to sign up and make your profile! Our exclusive member newsletter will bring news of our upcoming events right to your inbox.

What is Jopwell University and how can I get involved?

Jopwell University is Jopwell’s campus ambassador program aimed at helping students introduce their communities to the career advancement opportunities available on Jopwell. Email [email protected] to learn more about the application process.