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So You Didn't Get The Job, What's Next?

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Rejection is rough, there is no denying that there aren't many feelings that compare to the anxiety of getting that email that says "Thank you for taking the time out to...we decided to go in a different direction." It can feel very discouraging, but there is always an upside to every "no" that you receive in life, which is why we want you to keep pushing.

It could be that this role is just not for you or maybe they already invisioned who this person would be before they even started the interview process. Regardless, it's something that we all go through, which is why the job search is so challenging. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, so we'd like to equip you with a few tools to keep your head up and keep going. Try these 4 things to help set yourself up for success for future roles.

1. Go back to the drawing board and make a list of companies that you are interested in.

When I was job searching, I wanted to be intentional about what I was looking for, so instead of mass applying to positions, I decided to make a list of about 10 companies that I felt like were a good fit for me, not just a job that I could do. In addition to creating this list, take time to find people at the company and reach out to them with a personal note to make a genuine connection or even share some ideas relevant to the roles that you find.

2. Try networking within the company and ask for other roles.

Maybe they didn’t make the right decision, but maybe the role just wasn’t for you. If it’s the latter and you really like the company, it is worth it to stay in touch and keep checking back on other opportunities. That way, if you find something else, you have an internal acquaintance that can possibly point you in the right direction for other roles.

3. Ask for feedback.

No shame. No shade. You deserve to know why. Most hiring managers will give you a generalized answer, but there are a few that might give you honest and helpful feedback. Make sure to take advantage of that. There are always ways to improve performance, your resume, and your interview skills.

4. Send ideas you have.

Sometimes more is more. Maybe the interview wasn’t the best, use this chance to allow your work to speak for itself. Send some thought-provoking ideas that you would implement if you had the role. You never know what it can lead to—there might be another role within the company that you are a better fit for.

5. Sign up for Jopwell, if you haven't already. If you have, check out some roles, here.

We are always creating new ways to make your job search easier and more efficient. This is why every role that you receive from us, once you sign up via email, is curated to fit your experience and what you are looking for. You are able to search roles by keyword and career industry and most importantly, the roles that are posted are looking for talented individuals just like you.

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