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How You Can Join CVS' Finance Diversity Fellowship

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As we approach the 2022 school year for those starting their educational journey or returning from summer break, it’s important to be prepared to find opportunities that will fuel your future professional career. If you are looking for a program to jumpstart your career in finance, CVS Health offers a program that will help you acquire the skills you need to be successful in the finance and accounting field.

CVS Health isn’t just your corner pharmacy store anymore. They are a leading health solutions company who are on a mission to transform the healthcare industry by providing high quality care, improving access, lowering costs, and meaningfully impacting the lives of their customers. They have made a commitment to put people first in all that they do—starting with their own employees. In order for their company to thrive, CVS Health has propelled diversity and inclusion to the top of its strategy funnel when building out internal programs. It’s essential for them to have a workforce that reflects not only their customers but also the communities they live in. CVS Health colleagues are passionate about supporting the community through their work in things like sourcing products from diverse and women-owned businesses, offering local health screening programs, and making ongoing investments in affordable housing—$185 million in 2021 alone. They have been taking action to maintain and provide a workplace that empowers employees regardless of their backgrounds.

Since the beginning of 2022, over 70 percent of CVS Health’s workforce identifies as female and 58 percent identify as racial or ethnically diverse—bringing them to the top of the Diversity Inc. chart as number 26 in the top 50 most diverse companies. Since their induction, they continue to build programs that are aligned with their mission to sustain and celebrate a diverse workforce. The Fortune 4 healthcare innovation company implements several programs that target marginalized folks in order to provide opportunities for professionals who are often underrepresented in the corporate workplace. They have been taking action to maintain and provide a workplace that empowers employees regardless of their backgrounds. Not only has CVS Health made the commitment to continue to build a diverse workforce, but as a company that currently has a female CEO, they are clearly in the business of practicing what they preach.

Karen S. Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer of CVS Health has her own agenda for creating an inclusive future for CVS and has vocalized her commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce.

“I’m passionate about fostering a culture where our differences and similarities are celebrated, and every person has equal opportunity to contribute and advance their careers. Our colleagues represent the communities we serve and bring unique ideas, experiences, and skills that are necessary to fulfilling our purpose: bringing heart to every moment of your health.”

  • Karen S. Lynch

CVS Health aims to bring their hearts to every moment—whether it’s collaborating, supporting each other, or serving their communities by putting people first, rising to the challenge, joining forces, creating simplicity, and inspiring trust.

CVS Health has internship and development opportunities across a vast array of disciplines, but for folks who are looking for a career in finance, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Their finance department offers an engaging and rewarding summer internship program with an opportunity for early acceptance into a three-year rotational leadership development program after graduation. Their leadership programs focus on the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to be a successful leader at CVS Health and are designed to help you build a foundation to accelerate your career. Program participants are exposed to hands-on experience, continuous learning, mentoring, and leadership development training. All of this while providing a caring support network dedicated to your growth and success.

Intern applicants are also invited to apply for the CVS Health Finance Fellowship. Two individuals will be awarded a $20,000 fellowship—the first half paid upon completion of the internship program and the second half paid after acceptance into the Finance Leadership Development Program.

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The value for CVS Health interns is broken down into four pillars:

  1. Valuable and impactful work experience
  2. Flexible work arrangements with business travel opportunities
  3. Leadership curriculum and executive sessions
  4. Mentorship

So why should you apply to the CVS Health Finance Fellowship?

  • Over 80% of interns are offered full-time roles in the Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). 100% of FLDP graduates secure internal roles within CVS Health, which can lead to ongoing job opportunities and leadership roles within the organization.
  • Finance Leadership Program members build a broad and lasting support network that will continue to open doors for you and your career.
  • You will be provided a formal mentor from experienced leaders to help you navigate a successful career.
  • You will be able to build authentic relationships with leadership and have daily interactions with senior colleagues in the company.

Diversity touches every aspect of the CVS Health business and they are constantly seeking ways to create inclusive foundations that support their growing team. The longstanding healthcare company aims to implement solutions that actually work to give employees from various backgrounds a sense of belonging within. Initiatives such as diversity-focused talent development programs, their 16 unique Colleague Resource Groups that foster a culture of inclusion and build community within the organization, and programs like the finance fellowship are a few of the many ways that CVS Health is fostering a more diverse workforce for its community.

Interested in applying for the fellowship, learn more here and apply while applications are still open!

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