Magic Johnson On Navigating Your Career During COVID-19

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders and celebrities are speaking out on it to help guide us and support us digitally during this time. On Friday, April 10, Magic Johnson had an exclusive interview with CNN where he discussed the racial disparities with the pandemic and how Black and Brown people are affected. He pointed out institutional difficulties that are putting urban communities at higher risks and how important it is for leaders of our country to prioritize these helping and supporting all communities.

Last week, we spoke with one of our favorite entrepreneurs on navigating your career during COVID-19. We were able to compile questions from our Jopwell community that members were interested in getting Mr. Johnson take on. In a live Twitter chat the NBA legend shared helpful wisdom and advice with our community. We will follow up with another Twitter chat soon and hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy!

Continue reading for the Q&A.

Jopwell Member: We are in an unprecedented environment. How should job seekers look to navigate their career search at this moment in time?

Magic Johnson: Great Question to kick off! It’s important to be intentional in your search. Know your skill set and the company’s needs thoroughly. Recognize there is opportunity in all seasons.

Jopwell Member: Thank you so much for your advice and insight Mr. Johnson! With all the social distancing and isolation, how can we stay motivated during uncertain economic times?

Magic Johnson: Stay active, consider all of your options, focus only on what you can control, and combat fear with faith and expressions of gratitude. I believe God is the source for everything.

Jopwell Member: You have always been a fierce competitor and business owner that I look up to. What are some practical tips for staying competitive in today's job market?

Magic Johnson: Use your time wisely. Continue to refine your skills, study your industry and its response to what’s happening, and nurture your professional connections.

Jopwell Member: Hi Mr. Johnson! I'm an entrepreneur, what is your advice for managing my business in this landscape?

Magic Johnson: Evaluate ways to pivot and be open to change. Prioritize efficiency, lean out operations, and focus on niche markets. Always look for opportunities to speak with other industry professionals and peers.

Jopwell Member: How have you and your family been spending time during the pandemic?

Magic Johnson: We've been spending time watching lots of NBA classics, binge watching our favorite shows and movies, and working out. We are all thankful to be in good health and safe.

Jopwell Member: How can we best support one-another during this time?

Magic Johnson: The key to supporting each other right now is to follow CDC guidelines as best as we can. It is vital that we keep ourselves educated as information on the virus develops and eliminate the spread of misinformation.

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