Jopwell Select Community Spotlight: Rodolfo Marquez

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This article is the third in a series highlighting wins from Jopwell Select candidates and practical tips for professionals seeking job opportunities. Jopwell Select candidates are professionals with two or more years of experience who are actively looking for new opportunities in New York City or the San Francisco Bay area. Today’s Jopwell Select spotlight is on Rodolfo Marquez, an Associate Data Analyst at AppNexus. We asked Rodolfo a few questions about his new role and advice for the community.

Can you talk about your current occupation?

My new role is at AppNexus, where I’m an Associate Data Analyst. This places me in a position where I support various teams through the use of analytics to make data-driven decisions. Previously, I was an auditor within Citibank’s Market Risk team, where I helped identify and remediate process weaknesses within the company.

What excited you about this new role?

I was excited about AppNexus’ culture. The company focuses heavily on giving their employees the opportunity to grow. Based on the research I had done on the company as well as the conversations I had with my team, I knew that AppNexus goes to great lengths to help their employees develop their skillset through training and by encouraging employees to teach their team members what they’ve learned. “Learn and teach” is a part of the company’s values and is without a doubt one of the things that most drew me to the company.

How did Jopwell help you with your job search?

Jopwell was incredibly helpful in my job search. Immediately after becoming active in my search, it definitely felt as if Jopwell provided a strong network and was a fantastic partner in getting interviews and preparing for them. Additionally, the events Jopwell hosted were a great way to meet people who are actively seeking new opportunities, which was very encouraging.

What advice do you have for professionals looking for a new job?

I would absolutely recommend to develop a strong network. I believe that’s one of the biggest advantages Jopwell provided. It created a group which was able to advocate for me to companies I was interested in. In addition to that: persistence. Looking for a new job can be stressful and isn’t always easy. While it can get discouraging at times, staying focused and continuing to try has been one of my most successful strategies.

How do you de-stress after a long day at work?

I do volunteer work in my town where I help people who are sick or injured receive the appropriate medical care. After long days at work, I always look forward to it as I’m surrounded by a great group of friends who do their best to make a positive impact in the local community. On days I’m not there, I like to keep active with weightlifting and hiking.

What's a quote that inspires you?

“Learning never exhausts the mind” – Leonardo da Vinci

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