How This Employee Starts the Week as a Customer Experience Advocate

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During this new working climate, many companies are transitioning to remote work environments; however, has already had a secure remote process set in place due to their clientele being in multiple locations around the world. is the go-to work operating system for more than 100,000 teams around the world who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before. When the company first started, their goal was to connect people to all kinds of work processes to communicate and collaborate better within their organizations. Today, it’s a major platform for people all over the world to work together seamlessly, regardless of location.

Above all though, has always prioritized its users. Creating a desirable customer experience is no easy feat though, especially when you’re working for a company that was literally built to make things easier and efficient for its users. This is why Customer Experience Advocate, Erick Esquivel, takes his job seriously in making life easier for users. Customer experience work varies based on what type of company you’re working with.

At, their customer experience roles entail being a dedicated source of knowledge of the platform and interacting with users constantly throughout the day, among so many other things. We spoke with Erick to learn more about, the type of work environment it offers, and what it’s like being a Customer Experience Advocate for a major team management platform.

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Jopwell: What’s your commute like? Where are you traveling from?

Erick: I travel from Jamaica, NY to our offices everyday except Thursdays. On Thursdays I have a late schedule to support customers that run behind Eastern Standard Time so I work from home. I live a few blocks away from the last stop of the F train so I am fortunate to sit through my entire commute!

Jopwell: First thing you do when you get to the office?

Erick:I drop my bag off at my desk, turn on my laptop and then grab some tea along with some breakfast. Breakfast is often a mix between a bagel, fruit salad or quesadillas.

Jopwell: How many meetings do you have?

Erick: Thankfully, not many (because everything on our own team is run on!). Between 3pm - 4pm every day we have our CX (Customer Experience) Daily, which is often a Zoom meeting with all CX team members in the US. We use this time to discuss important announcements about our product and trends. The daily hosts always seek to make it fun by adding interesting “would you rather” questions, Kahoots, and “two truths and a lie.” Besides the Daily, we have one company wide meeting, one U.S Team meeting, and one in-depth Customer Experience meeting per week. During our in-depth Customer Experience team meeting we sync with our Israeli counterparts.

Jopwell: What’s your favorite team meeting?

Erick: The Daily! Some daily’s are extremely fun and they always start by someone yelling, “CACAWWW” and someone else following with “DAIIIILLYY.”

Jopwell: Something that you learned only when you got to

Erick: I was exposed to the amount of technology and third party applications that are used in the working world. I had little exposure to the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry and the only platforms I had been exposed to before were SalesForce and Microsoft products. There is so much out there and it is truly amazing how all these tools come together to facilitate workflows. firmly believes that transparency and collaboration create a culture of ownership and empowerment. This is practiced within internal teams in order to stay productive, innovative, and accomplish company goals together.

Jopwell: Most exciting thing about working for

Erick: Our HR & Operations team makes sure that our hard work is complemented with some fun. We’ve had ice cream treats at the office, amazing lunches from time to time and the occasional happy hour. I love that!

Jopwell: Most exciting part of your role?

Erick: I love learning from different customer workflows and I love guiding customers on the best way to optimize their workflows with It all makes me feel like a cool consultant!

Jopwell: Most challenging part of your role?

Erick: We do have a high volume of customer requests and sometimes the volume can be overwhelming, but it is cool to see how many people rely on

Jopwell: To-do list or Google calendar?

Erick: Google Calendar saves my life every day. I’ve never been able to successfully adopt a to-do list (I have tried very hard).

Jopwell: Do you prefer taking notes in a notebook or on your computer? Which is best for your role and why?

Erick: I’ve always preferred to take notes in a notebook. I feel like it truly allows me to process what I am writing and I am able to keep my notebook more organized. However, for the job I use a mix of notebook notes and laptop notes. I use MacOS’ Post It notes when talking to customers so I can quickly access these notes on my desktop screen for reference during the conversation and I use notebook notes for company related information discussed during meetings.

Jopwell: Business casual or very casual attire at work?

Erick: Very casual attire.

Jopwell: What helps you get through the week in the most productive way?

Erick: I go into work with a positive mindset and I tell myself everyday that I will conquer the day. I set high goals for myself and do my best to achieve them. If I don’t achieve them, I at least know that I was looking forward to something and that I tried my best to get there.

Jopwell: What are your typical tasks for each day? (Break this down for each day of the week if you can/need to)

Erick: Each day I spend about 6 hours dedicated to assisting users. These interactions can be as simple as a billing question and as complex as suggesting the best way to utilize’s reporting tools to have a high-level overview of a manufacturing process. I also have an hour of project time that I normally use to log bug reports, tend to the most complex customer requests, or jump on phone or Zoom calls with users who do not prefer to communicate via email. On Thursdays and Mondays I always dedicate an hour to provide users with a screen share session where we can go over the platform, offer workflow suggestions, or troubleshoot counterintuitive behavior.

Jopwell: What was your busiest day at work and how did you get through it?

Erick: It is hard to tell which day has been my busiest day, but every year around January, hosts its “U.S offsite,” which welcomes all team members working for in the United States (we have a large remote presence). During the offsite we go over our company vision and discuss how the company can sustain its continuous growth. Because we spend a whole day attending presentations and breakout sessions, our customer requests can pile up. The day is super fun, but can also feel insanely busy.

If you are interested in the customer experience field, you should have stellar communications skills, be comfortable with project management, and enjoy learning new things and helping people. is currently opening up roles for people in New York, Miami, San Francisco and other cities as well to join their Customer Success, Customer Experience, and Sales Department. Interested in learning more about Check out their open roles here.

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